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un puñado de imágenes de valor histórico.

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Buzz Aldrin - Noviembre de 1966 - El "primer selfie espacial" y otras imágenes pioneras de la NASA - BBC Mundo.

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Chopin, only known photo.

 photo ojo_chatarra50_93_zpsxcyhli9x.jpg
Nikola Tesla

 photo ojo_chatarra50_94_zpst8jkoboi.jpg
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

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Marie Curie with Albert Einstein. Can you imagine the conversation?

 photo ojo_chatarra50_92_zpsavdwnvar.jpg
Winston Churchill, Gertrude Bell, Lawrence of Arabia, 1921 | Gertrude Bell encyclopedia article

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Rare Photograph Of Slave. A haunting 150-year-old photo found in a North Carolina attic shows a young black child named John, barefoot and wearing ragged clothes, perched on a barrel next to another unidentified young boy. In April, the photo was found at a moving sale in Charlotte, accompanied by a document detailing the sale of John for one thousand five hundred dollars- not a small sum in 1854.

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Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke (17 April 1885 – 7 September 1962), née Karen Christenze Dinesen, was a Danish author also known by her pen name Isak Dinesen. Blixen is best known for Out of Africa, her account of living in Kenya, and one of her stories, Babette's Feast, both of which have been adapted into highly acclaimed, Academy Award-winning motion pictures. Prior to the release of the first film, she was noted for her Seven Gothic Tales, for which she is also known in Denmark.

 photo ojo_chatarra50_101_zpsa2tyqkbo.jpg
Mata-Hari, 1910 (Margaretha Geertruida 'Margreet' Zelle).

 photo ojo_chatarra50_91_zps9lz8tyqc.jpg
Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson - una mujer decidida y admirable

 photo ojo_chatarra50_95_zpsxjpdqavt.jpg
Lewis Carroll – A life in pictures. Alice Liddell poses for a portrait taken by the author. Lidell was thought to be the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland, although Carroll himself repeatedly denied in later life that his 'little heroine' was based on any real child. Photograph: Culture Club/Getty Images

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René Magritte and his wife Georgette Berger in 1929.

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